PD Signatures has long been a supplier of quality garments and apparel. With our large base of suppliers we can source virtually any garment you can imagine. With an emphasis for quality and timely shipments it's no wonder that our clients keep coming back.

Institutional and Hospitality:

When it comes to designing and procuring uniforms our designers are tops in the field. Engaging and fashionable designs married to durability and everyday practicality ensure that the uniforms that you order from us will last and keep on lasting.


Aprons, smocks and safety bibs are just a few of the many specialty garments we provide to our industrial customers. Practicality and durability are key elements of any industrial garment. We provide aprons and smocks with multiple pocket and tie options, and of course a choice between buttons or grippers. No garment no matter how well it is designed is worth buying though if it is made of inferior fabrics. When you purchase from PD Signatures you are assured that not only does the garment have the fit and design you are looking for, it also is made of the finest and most durable fabrics.


From scrubs and patient gowns, to nurses uniforms we supply them all. In an environment where garments are often subject to much abuse and repetitive laundering, durability and low cost often seem impossible to attain. We work closely with both the fabric suppliers and the sewing houses to ensure that we are able to provide long lasting durable garments, at the best cost possible. Remember that the lowest price is not always the cheapest. We are proud of the lifespan that most of our garments attain, and we are confidant that you will be too.

Promotional Apparel:

With a huge array of products to choose from we can meet all of you promotional apparel needs. Jackets, golf shirts and T-shirts, are some of the most common items we source, but we also can provide you with hats, sweaters, socks, robes and almost any other garment you can imagine. All garments can be personalized by embroidery, silk screening, or even woven into the fabric depending on the type of garment selected. You can be assured that the personalization of your garment will send out a quality message, and bring a sense of pride to the recipient.

Team Apparel:

We provide complete team solutions, not just uniforms. Uniforms for virtually any sport are available with a wide array of options. Team apparel is a lot more than just uniforms for the players, it includes, warm up suits, team jackets, sidelines uniforms for the coaches and support staff. When you talk with one of team consultants they will ensure that you acquire all of the items that you need. No more need for shopping multiple vendors, we are your source for all of your team apparel needs.